Cogneeto is an educational technology company that specializes in creating pedagogically powerful online assessment tools. Originally launched out of the Advanced Learning Technologies Lab at the University of Toronto, its founders are cognitive psychologists, data scientists, and educators who’s tools are used globally to assess learning and enhance student success

Formative Peer & Self-Assessment Tool

peerScholar is an online application that enables students to give and receive peer feedback on anything they can create digitally (written essay, video presentation, etc). Instructors can customize their activities in numerous ways, including for group work, case studies, formative revisions, presentations – plus many more.  It develops critical thought, creative thought, communication skills, and collaboration. It is the perfect assessment tool for qualitative assessment or any assessment that cannot be captured in a multiple-choice format.

Enhanced Multiple-Choice Testing & Online Exams

mTuner allows educators to maximize the power of the test as a learning experience (i.e., assessment FOR learning). It can also support traditional tests as well, allowing educators enhanced control over academic integrity by giving them controls like randomization of questions and alternatives on a student by student basis, and allowing tests to be “individualized” by selecting a smaller subset of questions from a larger pool.

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